OAK Venturez is a two departmental organization – OAK Consultant and OAK Caterers.

 OAK Consultant 

We specialize on, produce and provide a complete business package for prospective clients on snail and fish farming.


  • Snail and Fish Farm Modeling 
  • Consultancy on Snail and Fish Production, Health Management and Productive Waste Management 
  • Personnel Training on Model Snail and Fish Production 
  • Snail and Fish Feed Formulation & Economics 
  • Supply of Processed and Packaged Snail and Fish Products 
  • Book (e-copy & hardcopy) on Snail and Fish Production and Management 

 OAK Caterers 

The department provides innovative catering services for all occasions.


  • Party planning and resource management 
  • Catering services for varied activities 
  • Designs novelty cakes 
  • Concoct innovative snacks and fruit drinks e.g. mixed snail pie 
  • Creative training for intending cake designers and caterers