• Introduction – Business concept. What is snail farming? Why snail farming? Types of edible land snails. Pros and cons. Life Cycle and Its Importance 
  • Housing System – Introduction. Evaluation of old snail pen types. Pen designing and modeling.
  • Feeds and Feeding Technique 
  •  Snailery Management – Normal routine. Seed management. Record keeping. Management technique when travelling. 
  • Snailery Improvement – Ageing in land snails. Stock selection. Improvement technique
  • Socio-Economics Values – Food values. Social values. Economic values. Medicinal values.
  • Processing, Packaging and Marketing. 
  • Snailery Challenges and likely Solutions. 
  • Feasibility Study. 
  • Question and Answer.

AQUACULTURE (Fish Farming)

  • Introduction – Business concept. What is aquaculture? Why aquaculture? Aquaculture systems and classification. Pros and cons. 
  • Modern Fish Ponds and Tanks – Description. Designing and modeling. Facility management. 
  • Water and Fish Health Management 
  • Aquafeed Production, Economics and Health Management 
  • Production Techniques – Seed production. Table-size production. 
  • Production Analysis 
  • Waste Management – Aqua-waste production. Waste management techniques. Productive waste management.
  • Processing, Packaging and Marketing 
  • Questions and Answers.